1. We heed quality & design and develop the Precision Machined parts as per customers’ Motif.
    2. We provide the necessary training to analyze right from the processing till dispatch of goods to all personnel who work in our factory.
    3. We do undertake in process and intercrosses inspections.
    4. We care for the equipment’s calibration and their safeguarding.
    5. We persist regular records of quality standards, i.e. 100% Visual Inspection to ensure 100% defect free products.
    6. We carry inventory of materials to meet vital deliveries.
    7. We are having advanced technology of checking instruments and perk up this method over a period of time with latest technologies.
        1. Micrometer (Blade, Digital)
        2. Vernier (Dial, Digital)
        3. Gauges (Plug, Ring, Radius, Pitch, Pin, Snap, Dial, Flare) 
        4. Profile Projector
        5. Sipcon Vision Measuring System
        6. Testers (Hardness, Roughness, Plating)